Fix Your Mom’s Computer Remotely Using UltraVNC SC

Here is an article explaining how to configure UltraVNC SC (Single Click).

What is it? Say a family member, co-worker, or friend has a problem with their computer. Using UltraVNC SC, you can create a custom exe, email it to this person (or give them a link to download it). They run the exe, click the connect button, and it will connect to your own computer running UltraVNC as a server. This allows you to remotely access their computer. You can see their desktop and do everyting on it as if you were there. So for example you can install that anti-spyware or antivirus for that person, setup that email account, install Firefox, etc. Be sure to open up the correct port on your router’s firewall if you have one, as well as the Windows XP firewall, or whatever other firewalls you may have running.

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