Some educational sites:

  • EdTechTalk – educational podcasts, see also Snacks4theBrain.
  • Educational Freeware
  • K12 Online Conference – unfortunately it is only on web 2.0 technologies like wikis and podcasts.
  • WikiEducator – see for example their e-learning guidebook
  • Wikia – Create your own topic-centered wiki here for free
  • Recently saw this quote: If you worry that even in the 21st century, intellectual fads have as much to do with university politics and careerism as with the search for abstract truth, The Trouble With Physics is a book you absolutely must read. While I have no interest in reading this book, I think this is a problem for all academic fields, including educational research. The influence of careerism and politics on academic research, publications, hiring, tenure, grants, etc.
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