CSCL journal articles, design principles database, catalogs of wiki uses in the classroom

Via the CSCL Community Blog, I ran across this online article from the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning entitled Collaborative knowledge building using a design principles database.
It is about the Design Principles Database which, last I checked, was still pretty incomplete and not open to general contributions or edits, but perhaps the situation has changed since then.

Also that journal contains an updated report on Mark Guzdial’s CoWeb (wiki) research. He’s been researching using wikis in the classroom for 10 years, way before Wikipedia and so forth. [disclaimer, I used to work with him sort of] See this older catalog of coweb uses for a good list of ideas for using wikis in the classroom. One “successor” that built off this research was the TECFA SEED project, now discontinued. They produced a similar catalog using more advanced content management tools beyond simple wikis. If you are interested in starting your own wiki for a class, check out sites like wikispaces and wikia.

It’s a shame that the latest catalog from TECFA is already over 2 years out of date. The Design Principles database too is mostly concerning research done over a decade ago. That’s the problem with most funded educational development projects. As soon as the funding is over, the project dies. Usually they don’t even share what they have produced, but only publish an article or two. Educational software developers in academia have been mostly reluctant to open source their software as well.

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