Recent (Free) Educational Books from NAP: Summarizing the Research

There have been some interesting education books published recently by the National Academies Press, the same publisher of the hopefully now well known How People Learn book in 1999. You can read all these books for free online if you wish, the list is below.

One thing I noticed though after posting these links to and then searching for links to them on Google Blogsearch: Except for the ‘Taking Science to School’ book coming out next year that I mentioned before, nobody is noticing these books, even though they can be read online for free. Did you know for example the How People Learn book now has a sequel, How Students Learn? It applies the lessons from HPL to Math, Science, and History education. This is a problem, I think. Nobody I know in these books or doing related research ever blogs about it or publicizes it. You don’t see any learning sciences grad students blogging. Not many grad students or professors in education, really, outside of library science students and teachers.

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