Summit on Educational Games

The Federation of American Scientists and The Learning Federation has produced a report and other pdf documents from its Summit on Educational Games from one year ago.

I’ll let you judge the reports on your own, but here are a few bits and pieces that caught my notice so far:

The high cost of game development and uncertain markets for educational
innovations make investments too risky for both the video game and educational
materials industries. There is also no funding for educational game development
or educational game companies from venture capitalists, mezzanine funders, or
banks. ….
Government grants are too small and take too long to administer to support
educational game development or educational game companies.

…the market for K-12 materials
is splitting into products for school and products for use after school. The
informal, after school market may be easier to penetrate and more
receptive to innovations.

Schools and other education venues such as community centers
should explore the use of video game consoles — high-powered,
durable, low cost, low maintenance computing devices — for learning
applications. This includes game consoles discarded because they
have been replaced by a new generation of technology.

and finally, something from the fact sheet:

What research is needed to advance games for learning?

  • Research is needed to determine which features of games and simulations are important
    for learning and why, and how best to design these systems to deliver positive learning
  • Research is needed to develop automated tools to streamline the process of developing
    games and simulations, and to reduce development costs.
  • Research is needed on how to best assess the knowledge and skills learners acquire from
    games, and on understanding the barriers to the adoption of learning innovations in
    education institutions.

See also this recent newsletter and research papers from Wisconsin University’s Academic ADL Co-Lab that summarize a lot of recent news related to games and education.

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