Lost Some Respect for Wikipedia

Nothing to kill your enthusiasm for Wikipedia like trying to contribute to it. After reading its myriad of disorganized reasons for its editing and deletion policies, it looks like the Wikipedia community is becoming exactly like the original c2.com wiki, which lost its usefulness long ago.

After doing some digging, I found that Wikipedia currently has over 1000 administrators, most of whom are completely anonymous and unaccountable. Some were given adminship after merely 3 months of being a user on Wikipedia. How did they accomplish this? By constantly hanging over recent changes, reverting other people’s edits, and adding “boxes” (alerts) to hundreds of pages. See also this note about the problem. Many who become admins then stay with the same pattern, but can additionally block IP address ranges, ban users, and lock down pages the instant anyone disagrees with them. Some admins are blocking dozens of contributors every day. See more comments on the Wikipedia Review site about these admins, as well as this list of sites critical of Wikipedia.

How many admins have been revoked or rebuked since Wikipedia’s founding? Only about fifteen have lost their adminship, and none have ever been rebuked publicly and permanently. There is no place to permanently register a complaint about an admin’s actions or place a negative rating on an admin.

Is Citizendium the future replacement of wikipedia? I have doubted that (as have others), but now I see that an evolutionary replacement is inevitable. I already dropped out of the Wikiversity project a 2nd time after seeing some of the things they are doing. For example, a guy is creating a list of “hello world” programs on wikiversity in different programming languages. Thing is, there is already such a list which is even better on the original wikipedia. But no, they didn’t see any issue with that. Also, the content that has been placed on the wikiversity site and the “educational” topic areas focused on so far have left much to be desired.

Anyway, I’ve since found some much more useful edtech-related wiki sites. I’ve already added links to many of them over the past few months on del.icio.us. Here are some of them listed again:

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