EdTech-Related Mailing Lists and News Sites

Here are some discussion lists related to educational technology.

  • H-EDTECH – Seems to be mainly teachers and technology coordinators and so forth, sharing tips and techniques about technology in the classroom. A copy of the archives is also on usenet.
  • ITForum – mirror of a formerly open list for IT people
  • Teach and Learn Online – for people interested in all things eLearning, flexible delivery, online education, networked learning, and web 2.0.
  • SchoolForge – open source in education
  • IEEE Education Society – Engineering education. I just subscribed, I don’t know how active it is.
  • WWWEDU – the web and education. Once a very active list, seems to be declining.
  • Teacher Universe has a large list of other educational mailing lists also.

And here are some sites for keeping track of edtech-related stuff in the news:

  • Ray Schroeder’s Educational Technology Blog – has long been a daily source of ed tech news
  • eSchool News online – news about technology and schools and e-learning. They have a print edition as well.
  • Ed-Tech Newsvine – I started this group at Newsvine, which is a community-based news site similar to Digg, Kuro5hin, and other sites. It is new and not so active yet, but it is meant to be like Ray’s blog, only that anyone can contribute news. A similar effort was started earlier at crispynews, but it still isn’t active either, and no one is cleaning off the spam submissions, thus I started up the newsvine group.
  • Education Research Report – not edtech, but this blog is great at summarizing recent research on schools and learning.
  • Education News @ Topix – again, not edtech, but just an aggregator of education-related news
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