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These are links I’ve posted recently to my site. They are also visible on the right side of this blog.

  • Timeline Widget – this is a javascript/dhtml-based widget that allows you to embed an interactive timeline in your own webpage. I built a similar control in realbasic years ago. In this new widget I’d like to see more navigation options (zooming in and out, arrow buttons), and support for easier server-side integration so that for example visitors can add their own events more easily to the timeline.
  • Museums and the Web Group – This looks like a great group. It involves people who for example design interactive multimedia for museums or online exhibits for people to view from home.
  • Whispering in public – This article uses nice analogies to intuitively explain cryptographic problems and algorithms, such as RSA and Diffie-Helman. If you ever wanted to know what is going on behind the scenes when you visit a secure web site for example, this will help you understand.
  • Moving Beyond YouTube – I really like it when sites go beyond the one-way presentation of information, and encourage more interaction and two-way participation the way Tim Berners-Lee imagined the web when he invented it. This news article summarizes some sites that actually allow you to edit video online. This is not just Web 2.0, this is more like the beginnings of Web 3.0. This is a theme for the following two sites as well.
  • Enchanted Learning – I’m also interested in useful online resources for my preschooler. I listed some online game sites for young children before. This site lets you do coloring books online, has printable rebus books and so forth. You have to pay a fee to access it without ads, however. If you haven’t heard of a rebus book, it’s a nice idea where certain words have an icon depicting what the word signifies. My little one cannot read yet, but can recognize the icons and participate more in the reading that way. I’d love to see/make software for creating custom rebus books.
  • Make Your Own Animations Online
  • The XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 has finally been released by Microsoft. This allows you to create games for your PC or an Xbox 360. This requires downloading Visual C# Express. Also to create Xbox 360 games you need to pay a fee to join the XNA Creators Club. See the MSDN forums for help with XNA.
  • Podcasting 101 – everything you need to begin creating podcasts.
  • Some online research articles I’ve spotted recently:
  • Also, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and OpenOffice 2.1 have been recently released. Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 is due out soon. I hope you are using all three of these tools. See this earlier post for links to these and other free software tools (such as anti-spyware and antivirus) that I recommend you try.
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