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  • Here are 2 flash-based video/chat collaboration tools that are free or in testing. These let you hold meetings with others online, with real-time video and voice chat. One by AOL is called Userplane. Another is FlashMeeting, which was used recently to host a series of professor presentations by David Wiley, Mike Spector, David Merrill, and Charles Reigeluth.
  • Education for an Information Age – Bernie Poole of the University of Pittsburgh has put the complete text of this book online in pdf form. As the page states: “The audience for Education for an Information Age is the pre-service/in-service K-12 teacher. The primary goal of the text is to help you incorporate the computer into your K-12 curriculum.” For related online books, see the Teacher’s Technology Handbook and Technology Coach Handbook out of the University of Memphis.
  • How Computer Games Help Children Learn – David Williamson Shaffer, professor at Wisconsin, recently released this book on using videogames for learning. I don’t have the book myself yet, but on his homepage you can download related papers and readings.
  • DoHistory – is a site that shows students how to do historical research using primary sources. If you are interested in history and social studies education, I highly recommend the book Doing History by Linda Levstik and Keith Barton. Also there is a well-known book by Sam Wineburg entitled Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts. See also these pdfs of papers by Jennifer Wiley and James Voss.
  • eLearning Reviews – the Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning has started building a database of reviews of research papers related to e-learning.
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