AERA, SIGCSE, ICER Conference Proceedings Online

Haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been criss-crossing the country interviewing for ed tech jobs. I’ll write more on that soon.

Some conference proceedings and papers have been made available online recently, such as the AERA 2007 conference program. Their website is quite horrible I’m afraid. Don’t use the back button or multiple browser windows or tabs.

At AERA I’ll be discussing my initial research on students learning with an animated AC circuit simulation, as measured by a test of their conceptual knowledge (a “concept inventory”). Here is the proposal, which for anonymizing purposes has no references, so here is a big reference list. I’ll post a link to the full paper when the conference is closer, and hopefully a link to the simulation as well. Until then I’m mainly busy continuing to re-program it as well as writing a journal article about earlier research on AC circuit (mis)conceptions with my former colleagues.

The SIGCSE conference (computer science education) is occurring next week near Cincinnati. Here are the papers and topics being presented there. As always Mark Guzdial is very involved in that conference, along with the ICER 2007 conference (International Computing Education Research) in Atlanta later this year. The papers from last year’s ICER 2006 conference are online. I am not a CS person or really interested in CS education, but rather making it easier for hobbyists and beginners to develop interactive educational software. So I think there is a close connection to what they are doing, but actually both the SIGCSE and ICER seem to be almost solely about formal CS education in classrooms.

I posted earlier about all the ed tech related conferences coming up in 2007. Here are a few interesting ones:

I have a whole rant about the inefficacy and costliness of conferences, but I’ll spare you.

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