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It looks like I will be joining the instructional technology department at Utah State University this fall. It’s home to a bunch of people doing some interesting projects such as the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, Yanghee Kim’s Create lab working with animated pedagogical agents, and all the projects going on at David Wiley‘s Center for Open and Sustainable Learning, including the eduCommons opencourseware management system and the Creative Learning Environments Lab with Brett Shelton and others.

The students there have formed an Instructional Technology Student Association that is currently doing online interviews with some of the biggest names in instructional technology and instructional design. I’ll have to see if some of the people I know in the learning sciences might be interested in participating next year.

If you are looking for ed tech related jobs this year or next, see my previous post listing a bunch of places to look, and feel free to ask any questions here.

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  1. Brian says:

    You’re in for a treat! You’ve identified some of the cool stuff happening, and there is much, much more.Looking forward to meeting in September, if not sooner.

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