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Students and researchers at Northern Illinois University and elsewhere will be blogging the AERA conference next week.

In other news, there will actually be 2 sessions there on embodied cognition as it applies to education. The first is entitled “Mathematics Learning and Embodied Cognition” and will be on Tuesday. The second one which I will be attending on Thursday is entitled “Embodied Cognition: A More Meaningful Ontological Unit.” My own presentation discusses embodied cognition in relation to designing an educational science simulation, but I am not presenting in either of those sessions, rather, one entitled “Cultural and Pedagogical Issues in Technology Design.”

John Bransford, Sasha Barab, and James Paul Gee are presenting in the latter session on embodied cognition. Since none of the presenters have written about embodied cognition before (although Bransford was on my dissertation committee), I thought I’d whip up a flyer and/or wiki page by next week that is a primer on work in embodiment, embodied cognition, enactive learning, and the like.

There actually is not even a wiki out there on the learning sciences or educational technology in general, for that matter. I had some wikis on those topics at up until about a year ago when I shut it down. I’ll probably use the free Wikispaces site instead, and link to (rather than duplicate) some of the existing resources out there like on the EduTech wiki and the recently started ENCORE wiki.

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