RSS Feeds for Many Educational Journals

I’ve put an opml file with rss feeds for many journals related to education and psychology on the journals page at the Educational Research & Development Wiki I just started. (There is nothing else on the wiki yet but that page and a page on various free and open source citation management tools.) Just import the opml file into your rss reader (such as bloglines), and remove those journals you don’t want to read, or else subscribe to journals individually below:

For those journals that don’t offer RSS feeds but do have email TOC alerts, I’ve subscribed for them to be sent to the Educational Research Journals blog, but it remains to be seen if that will work.

Here is the list of journals with RSS feeds I have at the moment (generated by opml2html). Please edit the wiki page or comment here if you have other journals to add:

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10 comments on “RSS Feeds for Many Educational Journals
  1. Chris Craft says:

    I believe your use of the term “free and open source software” on the citation management page of the wiki is incorrect.See more details. Specifically, some of the tools are not open source, but are free.Yours,Chris CraftFormerly Open Source Classroom, now

  2. D Holton says:

    Hi, they’re all free and open source, except CiteULike, which I noted on the wiki is free but not open source.I think Zotero will be the best, especially when it adds some of the planned features like sharing collections, rss feeds, and integration with Word and OpenOffice:

  3. Matthew K. Tabor says:

    Many thanks – this is a valuable list for those of us who use RSS heavily to track education articles/research. I encouraged my readers to check out this post and have no doubt that they’ll find it valuable.

  4. D Holton says:

    I’ve updated the opml file to include RSS feeds from some APA journals: had thought they were email only. There are many to choose from at the above link if you want to look at the full list. I added these for now:Journal of Educational Psychology Review of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance of Experimental Psychology: Applied of Experimental Psychology: General Bulletin Methods For some reason, “Research in Science Education” is posting articles from the 70s to their RSS feed. I have no idea why.

  5. Jason Rhode says:

    Thanks Douglas for putting together this fabulous collection and resource! I’ve posted links to your wiki and blog at < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>.Here’s a journal & rss feed to add…The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

  6. Marco Kalz says:

    Great idea. Thanks for contributing to our wiki.

  7. D Holton says:

    All the Taylor & Francis journals’ feeds broke this past week. The rss feeds moved to, see:

  8. D Holton says:

    I should mention, too, if you don’t have any access to the journals, sometimes you can get a copy by searching the web or contacting the author directly.For example I just saw the abstract for article on a “social constructionist approach to computer science education” by Philip Machanick in the journal Computer Science Education. I don’t have any access to the journal, so I googled Philip Machanick and voila:

  9. Jason Rhode says:

    I tried out the new tool Listphile with your collections of journals and feeds. Visit to see examples.

  10. Doug Holton says:

    This list has moved to

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