Ubuntu/Edubuntu for the Classmate PC

According to the Ubuntu Education Summit, a version of Ubuntu (and Edubuntu) will be made available for the upcoming $200-$250 Classmate PC:

The Intel classmate PC is a small, mobile learning-assistant educational solution that Intel specially developed for students in emerging markets. Intel are interested in running a version of Ubuntu on the device, and would like to include selected education applications from Edubuntu. An outline spec will be defined with Intel before the Education Summit, and this spec will be fleshed out during UES. The spec will carry forward into UDS for finalisation with the broader Ubuntu developer community.

The Classmate PC also runs Mandriva Linux and Windows XP. In related news, Dell has announced that they will offer an option for Ubuntu pre-installed on their systems.

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2 comments on “Ubuntu/Edubuntu for the Classmate PC
  1. D Holton says:

    Update: tuttlesvc posted a picture of edubuntu running on a classmate pc: http://photos.jonathancarter.co.za/uds-gutsy/PICT0424web

  2. Rolando F. Blanco C:. says:

    Hi!How can I know more about edubuntu for classmatepc? where can I download it to make some test in my classmatepc?I wanna bring opportinuty to choice and select edubuntu like the perfect O.S. in this project.Please feel free to cantact me. Thanks!

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