F3 is now JavaFX

The F3 language, which I covered in detail before, apparently has been rebranded as JavaFX by Sun and will be announced today at the JavaOne conference (see this story). JavaFX is a statically typed scripting language that runs on the Java runtime (JVM), including on mobile phones (JavaFX Mobile). It is designed to be a competitor to Adobe Flash (and AJAX and Microsoft Silverlight) and has features that make it easier to create rich client desktop applications, such as a declarative user interface syntax. Hopefully this will be released soon. Last year at JavaOne Sun announced Project Semplice, which was basically Visual Basic for Java, yet that project has sinced died off without publicly releasing any code or products. JavaFX looks to be ready for release, however. UPDATE: There is a downloadable hands-on lab for using JavaFX available here. Also there is a developers’ site for JavaFX that includes the sources and plugins for Netbeans and Eclipse, see the OpenJFX Project.

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