See Google Search Results in a Timeline (or Map) Format

Google can now show search results in a timeline or on a map. Add “view:timeline” or “view:map” to your search query, respectively. For example, here is a timeline on civil rights or a map of places related to Theodore Roosevelt. An alternative timeline search engine is TimeSearch (via OUseful). I personally however would like to see an interactive timeline interface, such as the Simile Timeline ajax control, and also link events to a map and timeline simultaneously – a mashup of sorts between Google Maps and Simile Timeline.

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2 comments on “See Google Search Results in a Timeline (or Map) Format
  1. psychemedia says:

    “a mashup of sorts”…like this one on < HREF="" REL="nofollow">earthquakes<>? 😉

  2. D Holton says:

    cool, very nice!

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