Thomas the Tank Engine Lead Paint Recall

If you are a parent with toddlers/pre-schoolers, you’ve likely heard of or even own Thomas the Tank Engine products. It turns out that for the past 2 years, the factory in China that manufactures these toys has been using lead paint on many of the items, which creates a risk of lead poisoning for the children who play with them. RC2, the corporation that manufactures these toys, issued a recall on over 1.5 million Thomas the Tank Engine toys just last week. See this pdf or this page about the recall at the Consumer Product Safety Commission for images of the affected toys. The NY Times has a story on this as well.

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  1. Doug Holton says:

    Sept. 4 2007: Mattel is issuing another recall affecting more toys such as Barbie and Big Big World 6-in-1 Bongo Band toys:

  2. Doug Holton says:

    Sept. 27, 2007: There has been yet another recall on jewelry and Thomas the Tank Engine toys, see:

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