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Like a link dump, but books. These are just some recent or soon to be released books that look interesting:

  • Psychology/Education/Theory Books
    • I discussed Acting with Technology (2006) by Victor Kaptelinin & Bonnie Nardi in an earlier post, along with a few other activity theory / phenomenology / technology / embodiment related titles.
    • Learning with Animation: Research and Implications for Design by Richard Lowe & Wolfgang Schnotz. This book has been anticipated and cited for a long time, but apparently will not be released until October this year.
    • Visualization: Theory and Practice in Science Education, edited by John Gilbert, Miriam Reiner & Mary Nakhleh is a book on a similar topic and due out within days, but unfortunately it looks like it is priced only for libraries to purchase: Amazon is listing the price as $163.
    • Engineering Education : Research and Development in Curriculum and Instruction by John Heywood actually came out in 2005. It is a synthesis of around 2000 articles on engineering education.
    • Handbook of Research on Science Education edited by Sandra Abell & Norman Lederman, released earlier this year.
    • Transfer Of Learning: Research And Perspectives edited by Jose Mestre. Another 2005 book with many chapters by physics education researchers, but perhaps not many people are aware of it. Most books on transfer are from the 90s.
    • The Perceived Self: Ecological and Interpersonal Sources of Self Knowledge by Ulric Neisser, was released at the end of 2006.
    • Making Things Happen: A Theory of Causal Explanation by James Woodward, was released at the end of 2005.
    • Folk Psychology Re-assessed by Dan Hutto, is due out soon. Hutto has written on embodiment before in the journal Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.
    • Ten Steps to Complex Learning: A Systematic Approach to Four-Component Instructional Design by Jeroen J.G. van Merrienboer & Paul A. Kirschner, released April 2007 – 4C/ID is a big thing in the instructional systems design (ISD) world. I’m not yet familiar with it. van Merrienboer has an earlier 1997 book introducing the model. Paul Kirschner is one of the instructional design folks who has called constructivism, problem-based learning (PBL) and the like a failure.
    • Also, if you missed it, the Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning and Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences were released in the past year or so.
  • Development / Programming Books
    • Handbook on Dynamical Systems Modeling, edited by Paul Fishwick, was just released. If you are developing simulations of any kind, this could be a very useful (and up to date book). A sample chapter on solving ODEs is here, along with the open source physics java source code. A related title released last year that is better as a first book on creating physics simulations is An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods by Gould, Tobochink, & Christian. It also uses the open source physics library.
    • The Definitive ANTLR Reference: Building Domain-Specific Languages by Terence Parr. I’ve been using the ANTLR parser for years. Now there is finally a book out on it just this past month, to acompany the release of ANTLR 3.0.
    • Filthy Rich Clients: Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java, due out in a month, by Chet Haase & Romain Guy who have been blogging about it.
    • Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans(TM) Platform was released in time for the JavaOne conference a couple of months ago. The Netbeans platform is an alternative to the Eclipse RCP (rich client platform) with different advantages and disadvantages I discussed earlier.
    • Pro Java 6 3D Game Development: Java 3D, JOGL, JInput and JOAL APIs by Andrew Davison. This is a great and up to date book on game programming and interfacing custom input devices (joysticks, webcams, etc.) in java. You can read the chapters online as well.
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