Wikipedia DVD for Schools

According to and google blog search, virtually no one knows about this, so I thought I’d share it here. While I think there are some valid criticisms of Wikipedia’s community and some of its content and claims, this is a no-brainer. SOS Children, an orphan charity, has selected certain articles from Wikipedia that match the typical K-12 curriculum standards (4625 articles in all). You can download these (800MB via bitorrent or direct web download) and burn them to a DVD (or order a DVD from them), or preview the site online. This is a great accomplishment and solves a number of issues with wikipedia. I would hope that even those school districts that might be blocking access to wikipedia would not block access to And conversely, since this is a static site (pages are not editable), there are no wikipedia admins blocking entire school districts based on the vandalism of a few students.

This makes me wonder what the situation with Yahoo Answers is. Yahoo Answers is another great site (2nd most popular reference site on the web next to Wikipedia), but I wonder, are any school districts blocking access to it? Perhaps we could use a “Yahoo Answers for School” selection as well.

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