Turtle on Trial: The Battle over Logo

After reading a piece by Gary Stager criticizing hype over web 2.0 in education and contrasting it to the Logo movement (which was guided more by a centralized educational philosophy than web 2.0), I got around to digging up and re-posting an old wiki page of mine with readings related to the history and debate about the use of the Logo programming language in education. The page is entitled Turtle on Trial and has some readings for and against the use and effectiveness of Logo. I like the great debates and controversies in educational and cognitive psychology research. I think they make for great course nuggets and also are important to remember so that we can build off of, rather than repeat, history. If you know of any other important debates or controversies in educational r&d, feel free to comment here or add them to this educational research wiki. Here are some other existing resources on the wiki:

  • Journals – a list of about 100 educational and psychological research journals with RSS feeds
  • Jobs – a list of places to find jobs related to educational technology
  • Citation Management – a list of free tools you can use to manage your citations. Zotero has been very actively making improvements to their firefox extension.
  • Data Analysis Software – including the free R tool
  • The Effects of Media on Learning – another example “debate” that recently was stirred up again with the release of a government report showing no benefits from educational software
  • Textbooks – some free and online textbooks related to education
  • Conferences – where to find conferences happening this year (stub page)
  • Writing Grant Proposals – I just started this stub page with a few NSF links so far.
  • Video Analysis Software
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