Ed Tech Job Season Again

I forgot the job season for academic positions is already heating up again.
I put ed tech and related job listings up on the wiki a while back. The Chronicle of Higher Education website is probably the top place to go. Subscribe to their email alerts and/or rss feeds. No need to subscribe to the print version, however. The Chronicle’s articles are usually pretty depressing.

My initial advice would include things like making sure you write a formal, well-written cover letter that addresses all the things they are looking for in their job announcement. Customize your cover letter to each institution. Keep your vita as up to date as possible. Prepare some sample writings to include with your application (sometimes this is required). Prepare a statement about your teaching philosophy and research goals (few required that however, but it is a good thing to do). If you get a phone interview, it may come as soon as November or as late as February/March. Keep working on your work, submit to conferences, etc. If you have no teaching experience, try to get some. If you are still in school, ask to TA, otherwise there are teaching opportunities out there like adjunct faculty teaching, higher ed workshops, academic camps, tutoring, etc. If you have no experience working on grant-funded projects or writing grants, get some. There are lots of small grant opportunities out there, or if you are still in school you can also volunteer to help on some project for no pay. The odds against getting an academic tenure track position are very steep. A few schools I checked out got around 70-90 applications. Of course plan for the case that you don’t get a position this go around. If you haven’t already, learn some skills that can help you in industry, for example web design, flash, programming, etc. Volunteer on development projects for a local school, etc. If you have or can get a K-12 teaching certification, that is a big plus, both in terms of guaranteed employment, and enhancing your prospects of getting an academic position.

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