Recent Software News & Releases

There have been many software updates and news announced recently.

  • Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), a Linux distro, is due for final release in a couple of weeks. There is a beta available now. I upgraded to it about a week ago without any problems. If you are using HP printers though, I’d recommend downloading and running the hplip installer from the hplip site instead of the ubuntu package. See also this guide on switching from windows to linux completely.
  • Microsoft is going to allow people to view the source code for the standard .NET class libraries. You can’t use or modify the source, so it’s not really open, but it might be a step towards eventually open sourcing the code one day, as Sun did earlier this year with java and other tools (netbeans, darkstar, etc.). In the meantime there is still the mono project, an open source clone of .NET.
  • A beta version of Netbeans 6 was released.
  • R 2.6 has been released, an open source statistical software package I covered earlier. There isn’t a package for Ubuntu Gutsy yet.
  • Sun has released an early access version of the next version of Java, which includes a “consumer JRE” (downloads and installs java libraries as needed for quicker startup times) and a new vector-based look and feel called Nimbus. Thus it is more flash-like. JavaFX is also still being actively developed and improved.
  • Sun’s Project Darkstar, a multiplayer gaming/virtual world server, has been released and open sourced. Doug Daniels covers some resources for getting started with it.
  • Both Microsoft and Adobe are going to make online office suites available online.
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