Display Any RSS Feed in an Interactive Timeline

Christopher Lyth was kind enough to make a Google widget version of the Simile Timeline control. It displays the contents of any RSS feed in the timeline. See for example my blog posts displayed below. Note, it only displays what is in the RSS feed, so much older posts are not shown.
I wonder if you had all ed tech-related feeds aggregrated into one feed, what would it look like on a timeline? Would it be at all easier to read than in Bloglines or Google Reader? My first impressions are that the timeline makes it easier to scan over older posts, but it is not easier to read than in a regular rss reader. So maybe the timeline can serve a different purpose – countering the problem with blog posts essentially disappearing once you’ve read them in an rss reader. Especially if you go a while without reading any blogs, perhaps using the timeline to scan over old posts might be helpful and easier than sorting through them all in an rss reader.

There are almost 30,000 other Google widgets out there, too, (such as calendars, polls, chat rooms, etc.) that you can use on your blog, on your wiki (pbwiki & wikispaces support this), on your iGoogle homepage, or any HTML page. I wrote about this earlier in my post about Ingredients for a Live Syllabus.

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