The Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) conference is next month. Here is the program. This proposal is a bit funny:

It’s almost 2008; most of the software people use today is on the web. Shouldn’t we all be teaching web programming by now? Join us for a discussion of how web programming fits into “the big picture.” Possible topics for discussion include: how web programming should be incorporated into the computer science curriculum; whether or not it should be required; which languages and technologies should be covered; what textbooks and materials should be used in the course; and common challenges unique to teaching web programming.

It is a bit surprising that CS departments don’t require students to learn how to develop web applications. For that matter, they have never taught (or at least required) courses on developing desktop applications, either. Whenever someone has taught me programming for programming’s sake, I never cared for it, whether it was BASIC as a kid or Lisp in college. But when in an HCI class we had to develop an interface for a registration system, I loved learning how to use Hypercard. Or in late 1994 when I saw my first web form on the site, I gladly learned Perl in order to make my own interactive forms to use for a student group website. It was “worth the effort” basically. PHP later came around and lowered the amount of effort substantially.

Some interesting SIGCSE papers include

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