The Intersection Between the Learning Sciences and Open Education

Next month there will be an “open learning interplay” (OLI) symposium in Pittsburgh with input from folks in both the learning sciences and open education worlds. Ultimately I think we should strive not just for “putting it out there” (opening access), but lowering the barriers to creating and revising open educational resources (opening participation & easing development), and building off of existing open resources and learning theory/research to create the best learning resources possible (open learning, opening competition). Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Iniative is a good example of the last point, in that they are not merely dumping syllabi, course notes and lectures on the web, but incorporating simulations and other active learning resources that in some cases (according to their research) are even superior to the original classroom-based courses.

A former advisor of mine is speaking at the symposium (Nancy Nerssessian), as well as many other well-respected figures including John Seeley Brown, Diana Laurillard, Alan Schoenfeld, Jim Greeno, Roy Pea, and Micki Chi.

I’m getting the impression that none of the conference’s proceedings or talks will be shared publicly, however, like other open education related conferences have done. I was wondering what topic I should submit for this year’s open education conference. Perhaps a paper on learning sciences research and open source/education is a good idea if the OLI symposium is indeed closed off, since I am right in the middle of both worlds now.

I won’t be at the OLI Symposium, but I will be in Pittsburgh this June for the 2008 American Society for Engineering Education conference, presenting a paper by myself and Amit Verma and Gautam Biswas on our development of a concept inventory test on AC and DC circuits concepts (see this earlier post on test-wiseness, for example).

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