Another Possible EeePC & XO Laptop Competitor: Noahpad

The small Eee PC Laptop has taken off over the past 6 months, selling hundreds of thousands. There is an EeeUser site for tracking the latest developments along with a custom EeeXubuntu Linux distribution you can install instead of the default one.

Now there is a new micro laptop coming out called the Noahpad. There are some videos about it on youtube. Not surprisingly, they are not solid about what the price will be. They claim it will be in the same range as the EeePC, which means $500 or less. But the Noahpad has quite a bit more than the EeePC – the display can be turned around (like with a tablet pc), it uses a hard drive instead of a flash drive, and it looks like it has a bigger keyboard to use than the EeePC (better for adults). The keyboard is really two big touchpads. The right touchpad acts like a regular touchpad, moving the mouse. The left touchpad moves the screen real estate around. It has a 7 inch screen like the EeePC, but it uses a virtual 10 inch display with 1024×768 resolution that you can scroll around in using that left touchpad. Since you can turn the display around like a tablet pc, it can also act as a digital photo frame or multimedia player. It also comes with a shoulder strap, which alone might save quite a few accidents. Of course the EeePC and XO laptops are built to handle being dropped occasionally – it remains to be seen how sturdy and reliable the Noahpad will be.

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