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In addition to working on normal journal articles and software and research projects, I’ll also be working on a few edited book chapters this summer, with these titles. I hope to be able to publicly share online a draft or open version of the articles:

  • Using Moodle to Teach Constructivist Learning Design Skills to Adult Learners” – about an online learning design class I taught this past semester, described briefly in an earlier post.
  • “Designing Computer Simulations for Improved Learning and
    Performance” – this will be an update and a paring down of a long literature review I wrote in graduate school.
  • “Haptic, Tactile, and Enactive Interfaces for Learning Technologies” – Here are 3 conferences which describe what each of those terms mean: Tangible & Embedded Interaction, Symposium on Haptic Interfaces, and the Enactive 2007 and 2008 conferences.

Also I’m very excited to get a small grant to pilot and explore the use of open source software and hardware for high school students learning about electrical circuits. The software will include animated circuit simulations and online collaboration tools such as moodle and software used by the Concord Consortium’s ITSI group for embedding java simulations into online instruction that I mentioned in a previous post on open source learning sciences software (or lack thereof). The open hardware will include the very popular arduino microcontroller board in addition to other projects. Currently the post popular high school pre-engineering curriculum (Project Lead the Way) costs tens of thousands of dollars to use in a classroom, and thus is mostly being used in richer, suburban school districts. Using free and open software and hardware instead perhaps we can create a much more accessible and affordable alternative that is also similarly effective for learning about STEM concepts (science, techology, engineering, and mathematics).

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