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I’m not really keen on blogging about every link or news item I run across. I just use to share bookmarks or now this learning sciences & ed tech discussion group I announced earlier to pass on calls for papers or other related news. Thanks to a little publicity from Scott Leslie (edtechpost) there are already around 40 subscribers to that group. Here’s some of the recent stuff I posted or forwarded to the group if you find any of it interesting or useful:

  • Handbook of Design Research Methods in Education – a new book on design-based research is coming out. In the post I also describe some other online sites with more info about DBR.
  • There are also two new free books on online learning and enacting intersubjectivity.
  • The EduTech Wiki – this is really the best online source for information about educational technology, whether you lean more to learning sciences or to ISD.
  • I forwarded calls for papers for various upcoming conferences, including AERA, CSCL, Open Education, SITE, ICCE, EARLI (like a European AERA), ICEIT, PERC, etc.
  • There have been some recent news headlines about educational research projects and findings.
  • I posted a gentle reminder about a couple of resources I created last year: a list of places to look for ed tech jobs and a list of educational research journals with RSS feeds. The former of course was helpful to me in finding a job, and the latter has been a great help this past year, no more spending hours at the library just to see the lastest research. When a new journal issue comes out, it shows up in your rss reader.
  • And again my initial post includes definitions of just what “learning sciences” and “educational (or instructional) technology” mean, at least according to the AERA Learning Sciences SIG and AECT.

Anyone’s welcome to post their own related news to the group or discuss anything related to LS&ET.

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