Drupal patches

Here are a few minor additions contributed to drupal the past week to get our drupal site working the way we want. We are running it on an OS X server, which isn’t always the best idea, but we found that drupal’s ldap_integration module (and the php ldap extension) do not work with OS X’s LDAP (OpenDirectory) when you want to change your password. You have to run a special command (dscl) instead, so here is code to make drupal’s ldap work on an OS X server. It currently requires the drupal alt_login module, which we also needed to get LDAP working if you want people to be able to use real names as their drupal usernames. But the alt_login requirement is not necessary if you are not using real names in drupal.

The user_import drupal module is also very handy. You can take a spreadsheet of people and import them all at once into a drupal site. Here are two files that make it compatible with the ldap and alt_login modules as well.

Lastly, the organic groups module doesn’t have a way to filter views by a dropdown list of group names, you currently have to type in the group name by hand or the group ID number. So here is a code snippet that enables a dropdown list for easier filtering.

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