Paper about the Edutech Wiki

Dan Schneider, primary creator of the incredibly useful EduTech Wiki, has written a short paper about the wiki for this year’s EDMEDIA conference (there are slides too).

My students will be using his wiki in our ‘foundations of educational technology’ course, along with some other readings and books. It’s a great site in particular because it covers a much larger spectrum of what is educational technology-related than you find in existing textbooks – from ISD (ADDIE, etc.), to learning sciences (design-based research, …), to development and technical resources (Flash tutorials, …).

I won’t be “assigning” my students to edit the Edutech Wiki though (although they along with anyone else is welcome to). Instead we’ll be using our own drupal-based group wiki as an incubator to develop our own filtered view of the field (a knowledge-base), pieces of which can perhaps be later graduated to the Edutech Wiki, WikiEducator, Wikiversity, Citizendium, or other sites. Regardless, we’re all using compatible creative commons licenses now (including Wikipedia and Wikiversity soon), which is nice.

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