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Following Jason Rhode‘s lead, I haven’t had much time to blog the past couple of months, but I still bookmark and read quite often, so here are my starred readings from google reader, and my shared links from I often star journal articles I want to come back to, or posts about new technologies, or programming news and tips.

We have had a lot of students in our department blog about the open education conference last week though. Many acted as volunteers during the conference.

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2 comments on “Shared Items and Links
  1. Jason Rhode says:

    Hey Doug – Thanks for the plug! I’m personally really enjoying sharing items using Google Reader and will blog the items I find most interesting as I have time. ~ Jason

  2. Doug Holton says:

    Sorry I didn’t link to your blog, I couldn’t find the post where you mentioned sharing your google reader items, so I just made a link to the front page of your blog instead.

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