Java and Ed Tech Courses

Now that our fall semester is halfway through, I’ve fleshed out the main schedules and resources for the two classes I mentioned earlier. Here are the resources below, in case you are by chance interested in learning a bit about java programming or about the field of educational technology. For both courses I am using drupal and organic groups as a blended learning support tool, although in very different ways for each course.

  • Multimedia Development with Java – This is really a survey course, an introduction to the java platform for non-programmers. Getting a cursory introduction to the basics of java, object-oriented programming, Swing, Java2D, and newer java platform technologies like JavaFX and GWT.
    • Course Homepage
    • Course Syllabus with links to tutorials and resources and activities. We started with Greenfoot to learn the basics of object-oriented programming and the java language, and for the rest of the semester we are using Netbeans to learn how to make real applications.
    • Java Handbook – These wiki pages are still in progress and need a good bit of polishing, but they have some notes guiding folks through the main Java tutorials on the Sun site.
  • Foundations of Educational Technology
    • Course homepage
    • Course schedule
    • Ed Tech Knowledge Base – This is the wiki-based ‘book’ students are working on, basically crib notes and short summaries of various ed tech topics and items, such as organizations, journals, people, learning theories, instructional design models, etc. It will be cleaned up a good bit at the end of the semester to make it more presentable, and if I teach this class again next year we’ll work on refining and improving it.
    • Research Paper Guidelines – I tried to provide as much guidance as possible for students’ very first research paper assignment in grad school.
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