Build a Quad-Core Server for ~$500

Gustavo Duarte posted a nice guide a while back on building a quad-core server. As I mentioned in an earlier post, you might find it preferable to use a remoted hosted server instead of building and hosting your own, by using providers like Linode or Bytemark. But if you are interested in creating your own server machine, here are some updated notes and prices (via Newegg).

That comes to under $500 or more depending on your options. If you want to use it as a regular desktop machine, you’ll want to also look into a bigger power supply, graphics card, and other options.

Once you build the server, you’ll want to update the BIOS and install an operating system, such as Debian or Ubuntu. Here are some notes on setting up the software for an Ubuntu server, including firewall protection.

Another nice idea is to run each server in its own virtual machine. There are various virtualization options such as Xen, VirtualBox and so forth. The one Ubuntu apparently favors is KVM. See various notes on setting up and using KVM (here, here, here).

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  1. pmclean says:

    Great post… one question – what memory did you end up using?

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