Notes for a new open access educational journal

I had some thoughts for a new open educational journal last week, especially in light of the discontinuation of the Innovate journal.  I even tested out Google Knol as a hosting platform.  It allows for open peer review and more transparent interactions, plus it has zero costs and zero institutional obligations.  Some medical journals are starting to use it for quicker research dissemination.  Here is a fake google knol journal I created to test it out, feel free to play with it or contact me if you want moderator privileges.

Anyway, while I was conked out after a dental procedure this morning some education/edtech folks on twitter started discussing creating a new journal so I thought I’d share my own notes.  Perhaps the anesthetics still haven’t worn off.  My notes are here in a Google Doc that anyone can view and edit:

I welcome any feedback or thoughts.  I do have some more notes & thoughts on procedural issues, like editor guidelines and decisions, author guidelines, etc.  This best practices guidelines from DOAJ on creating new open access journals is very helpful.

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