Upcoming Android Tablets – Wait and See

For a couple of projects, I’m looking into tablets that students can use for taking notes and so forth.  There are finally some android tablets out already or coming out this month.  This google doc I created has some notes on upcoming android tablets, including prices and features.  The Archos 101, for example, is comparable to the ipad but half the price.  My conclusion at the moment however is to wait a bit longer until we hear more about the next versions of the android OS (2.3, 3.0), which will run much better on tablets.  There seem to be issues with android 2.2 and tablets.  We should hear more about android 2.3 and 3.0 very soon, and as the NVIDIA CEO says (the Nvidia Tegra dual-core processor is used in most next generation android tablets coming out), there are lots of android tablets coming out.

Android tablets do seem to be a major focus of hardware development now:

“This isn’t a fad. Everybody’s building tablets because it’s just so important. Car companies are working on tablets, consumer electronics companies are working on tablets, computer companies are working on tablets, and communications companies are working on tablets. The medical industry is working on tablets,” he said during the earnings conference call. “I don’t remember in the history of computing [when] a singular device is being worked on by all of the industry.”

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