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Turtle on Trial: The Battle over Logo

After reading a piece by Gary Stager criticizing hype over web 2.0 in education and contrasting it to the Logo movement (which was guided more by a centralized educational philosophy than web 2.0), I got around to digging up and

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Charging for Windows-only Kid’s Programming Languages

This is a bit disappointing but forseeable. There was a language developed last year for kids to use called Kid’s Programming Language (KPL, later renamed Phrogram). It looked exactly like Visual Basic .NET minus a lot of features. They received

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Effects of TV and Marketing on Kids and Teens

I added the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine to the list of educational research journals with RSS feeds. It is not an educational research journal per se, but it has some articles that both parents and researchers might find

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Social Networking Sites for Children

As I mentioned, most social “web 2.0” sites and software out there like, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Blogger, and Second Life are not really designed for children to use and even restrict participation by children under 13. Scott Traylor’s 360Kid blog

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Mattel Recalls Dora, Diego, Sesame Street Toys Due to Lead Hazard

There has been another massive recall of toys made in China because their paint contained excessive amounts of lead, on top of the earlier Thomas the Tank Engine lead paint recall. This one is from Mattel, and affects some of

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Children are not allowed to use Yahoo Answers, Youtube, Blogger, MySpace, Photobucket, Gmail, iTunes, Second Life…

I looked into whether many schools are blocking Yahoo Answers. I haven’t seen any evidence of that so far, but apparently Yahoo doesn’t allow children (under 13) to use the service: Children under the age of 13 are not permitted

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Thomas the Tank Engine Lead Paint Recall

If you are a parent with toddlers/pre-schoolers, you’ve likely heard of or even own Thomas the Tank Engine products. It turns out that for the past 2 years, the factory in China that manufactures these toys has been using lead

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