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When Free Isn’t Good Enough: The Best Open Source Antivirus Protection

The best free antivirus program for Windows WAS Active Virus Shield by AOL. It was better at protecting against viruses than even popular commercial antivirus options such as McAfee Virusscan and Norton Antivirus. That’s because it used the same underlying

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$199 Laptop Due Out Soon: Asus Eee PC 701

The Asus Eee PC 701 laptop is a consumer version of the Intel Classmate PC. It is apparently due to go on sale in mid-August for $199. Here is a review of the Asus Eee PC with photos of the

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The Best Free Antivirus Is Still…

I reviewed the best free antivirus / antispyware tools last fall. The report on which I was basing some conclusions has been updated. Again, AOL Active Virus Shield is the best at stopping viruses among the free options, ahead of

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The best free antivirus program

I was looking for the best free antivirus program for Windows XP. McAfee Viruscan and Norton Antivirus are both expensive, hog and slow down your computer, and are actually not that effective. See this report. Before we get to the

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