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Misconceptions about Design

Design is the process of going from function to structure.  There is some purpose, or goal, or effect on the environment desired (a function), and structures are created or organized to achieve that function. See more about structure-behavior-function models of

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Platforms for Developing Open Educational Software

Below is just a basic list of what software tools are popular now for creating various types of applications. I only post it because it changes from year to year and not everyone keeps up with this kind of stuff.

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Recent Sightings

These are from my bookmarks on Software / Technology Quick-R is a help site for those using the R statistics tool instead of SPSS/SAS. Hippocampus is a homework and study help site with multimedia resources and course materials. Road

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Second Life Server Not Going to Be Open Sourced "Any Time Soon"

This is a bombshell to me, although it wasn’t covered as such in this story on Second Life. The Second Life servers are basically not going to be open sourced, at least not anytime in the near future. Last year

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Google’s New Virtual Machine: Dalvik, part of the Android project

So, while you blinked, Google has released their own cross-platform virtual machine runtime called Dalvik, part of Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project [via Stefano Mazzocchi]. You can download and try it today, on your PC. It basically runs a

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Embodiment in Web Design

Maybe it’s because the embodied cognition conference is less than 2 weeks away, but I am just seeing more and more connections to the strategy of focusing on embodiment in many different contexts. Even areas like google searching and web

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Recent Software News & Releases

There have been many software updates and news announced recently. Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), a Linux distro, is due for final release in a couple of weeks. There is a beta available now. I upgraded to it about a week ago

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