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Second Life Server Not Going to Be Open Sourced "Any Time Soon"

This is a bombshell to me, although it wasn’t covered as such in this story on Second Life. The Second Life servers are basically not going to be open sourced, at least not anytime in the near future. Last year

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Google’s New Virtual Machine: Dalvik, part of the Android project

So, while you blinked, Google has released their own cross-platform virtual machine runtime called Dalvik, part of Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project [via Stefano Mazzocchi]. You can download and try it today, on your PC. It basically runs a

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Embodiment in Web Design

Maybe it’s because the embodied cognition conference is less than 2 weeks away, but I am just seeing more and more connections to the strategy of focusing on embodiment in many different contexts. Even areas like google searching and web

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Recent Software News & Releases

There have been many software updates and news announced recently. Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), a Linux distro, is due for final release in a couple of weeks. There is a beta available now. I upgraded to it about a week ago

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New Software and Technologies

For developers/designers, some recent interesting software and technology releases: Version 3 of the GPL license was released/announced yesterday. Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) has been released. See what’s new and noteworthy about this release. Eclipse is one of, if not the most

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New Books

Like a link dump, but books. These are just some recent or soon to be released books that look interesting: Psychology/Education/Theory Books I discussed Acting with Technology (2006) by Victor Kaptelinin & Bonnie Nardi in an earlier post, along with

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Mashups Using Google Maps and Simile Timeline

Tony Hirst (OUseful blog) informed me that there already is an example of a mashup combining Google Maps and the Simile Timeline ajax-based controls. And with a little digging I found another example as well. Here they are: Jörn Clausen

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F3 is now JavaFX

The F3 language, which I covered in detail before, apparently has been rebranded as JavaFX by Sun and will be announced today at the JavaOne conference (see this story). JavaFX is a statically typed scripting language that runs on the

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The Spectrum of Computational Development Tools

Okay, say the problem is not enough good educational software. Many of the best educational software programs are also commercial and expensive. If you want to use Timeliner with a single class full of students, for example, it would cost

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Quick Look at Some Rich Client Platforms (RCP)

I’ve been looking into various rich-client desktop and web-based application platforms/frameworks on which to base future projects. Many of the RCPs (rich-client platforms) have advantages such as support for auto-updating, plugin frameworks, and numerous existing plugins and samples. Here are

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