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Developing Interactive, Scalable HTML5 Apps on the Cheap: Serverless, Unhosted, No Backend, BAAS, PAAS, Oh My

I’ve written before how HTML5 is the platform of the future for developing interactive educational apps, and you can even develop (code) in your browser (or chromebook) now.  Well, the future is here, and HTML5 is still looking to be the best

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Recent Course & Workshop Resources: HTML5, Drupal, Distance Education

Here are some web sites for courses I’m currently teaching or recently taught: Distance Education Tools – This site now has dozens of links of various tools and technologies you can use with online and blended learning Multimedia Development with

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Bash Script to Quickly Create Drupal Sub-sites

I haven’t tried this for real yet, only tested it with a local xampp-based drupal site, but here’s a shell script that quickly creates drupal sub-sites, say, for students. The sub-sites use the same database as your main drupal site,

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Syncing Two Drupal Sites

The drush module for Drupal has a new “sync” option to synchronize two Drupal sites, but it is undocumented and looking at the source code all it does is sync the files, not the mysql database. I haven’t seen any

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Internet Development Course, Using Drupal

I’ll have a paper coming out this summer in MERLOT’s Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) on using Drupal as a blended learning support tool for a class. This was my foundations of educational technology course in which students

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Setting up Apache, Secure SSL Drupal Logins, and Drupal multi-site support on Ubuntu

I updated my earlier instructions on setting up a secure Ubuntu server. I added notes about setting up fail2ban, which protects your server from repeated login attempts or brute force attacks. In the course of setting up some new sites

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2 More Drupal Hacks

Reservation system – Use cck_validation, date, calendar, & workflow_ng to create a system that allows for reserving rooms or other resources. The above link has php code for checking for time conflicts. Use the very latest 5.x dev releases of

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Drupal patches

Here are a few minor additions contributed to drupal the past week to get our drupal site working the way we want. We are running it on an OS X server, which isn’t always the best idea, but we found

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Using drupal as a first class wiki platform

Drupal doesn’t have a built-in wiki, but there are different options for incorporating a wiki with a drupal site. One option is to use a separate wiki engine such as the popular mediawiki. There is an AuthDrupal extension for mediawiki

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Using drupal as a first class multi-user blogging platform

Drupal is one of the most powerful content management systems out there, but it’s built-in blogging support needs a bit sprucing up if you want it to more closely match the features of blogger or wordpress. Here are some modules

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