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The L2TD Project: Learning about Learning-Technology-Design

The Learning about Learning-Technology-Design Project (L2TD) is the successor to the Trails Project, which I wrote about a couple years ago. It is essentially concerned with the same goals as this blog. I quote from the older TRAILS page: aims

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Summit on Educational Games

The Federation of American Scientists and The Learning Federation has produced a report and other pdf documents from its Summit on Educational Games from one year ago. I’ll let you judge the reports on your own, but here are a

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Nintendo and AiLive Announce New Tool For Easy Wii Development

The LiveMove product was announced by AiLive yesterday. You can use your own gestures to create a gesture-based game. Here is a demonstration video (also available at google video). Unfortunately it costs $2500 a pop, on top of the $2000

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Australian Games in Education Workshop & Sessions

Tony Forster summarizes and links to some games in education papers presented at the Australian Computers in Education Conference. There was also a couple of pre-conference workshops on using the commercial GameMaker tool to create games.

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Girls Creating Games

Via the edgames class blog, here is a link to the Girls Creating Games after school project in Santa Cruz. It is an after school program designed to support the interest of middle school girls in computers and information technology.

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