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Some Exciting New HTML5/Javascript Projects

This an update of sorts on some things happening in the HTML5/Javascript world.  First, here are some previous posts on this topic, to catch you up to speed: What is the Platform of the Future for Developing Interactive Graphical Educational

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Browser-Based IDEs (programming environments)

As I wrote about earlier, HTML5 (Javascript, Canvas, WebGL, etc.) is allowing people to create rich, interactive applications that run in your browser and don’t require flash or java. Cloud computing (such as Google App Engine and others) and AJAX

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What’s the Platform of the Future for Developing Interactive Graphical Educational Software?

So, what is the platform of choice for folks who want to create interactive graphical educational software (see for example all the stuff at PHET and NLVM). Currently, there are two primary options: Flash and Java Applets. I’m not covering

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Platforms for Developing Open Educational Software

Below is just a basic list of what software tools are popular now for creating various types of applications. I only post it because it changes from year to year and not everyone keeps up with this kind of stuff.

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Don’t Use Mac OS X as a Server

I’m not a Mac, Windows, or Linux zealot. They each have their niceties and their quirks. But I would argue though that the Mac is not good to use as a web server: The PHP software that comes installed with

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Java 6 update 11 and JavaFX 1.0

Java 6 update 11 (6u11) has been released. It fixes the bug I mentioned and reported earlier in which the old browser plugin (libjavaplugin) was installed in Linux instead of the new one (libnpjp2). So applets like these scenegraph demos

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New Software and Hardware Releases

Just a round-up of some major software releases happening: Java 6 update 10 – a new version of java that is more lightweight and quicker to load applets. The 6.5 version of the Java development environment Netbeans is due out

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Java and Ed Tech Courses

Now that our fall semester is halfway through, I’ve fleshed out the main schedules and resources for the two classes I mentioned earlier. Here are the resources below, in case you are by chance interested in learning a bit about

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