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Embodied Cognition & Education Talks at AERA

I’ll be giving just one talk at AERA this year, and hosting a symposium session. Both are related to the applications of embodied cognition research and enactivism to education. Constructivism + Embodied Cognition = Enactivism: Theoretical and Practical Implications for


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Teaching IS Technology: A Little Philosophy of Technology & Media Theory

There often seems to be a tension between teachers and new technologies. It helps me to step back and think about technology more broadly. Almost 20 years ago I first ran across a book by Don Ihde, philosopher of technology,

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Misconceptions about Design

Design is the process of going from function to structure.  There is some purpose, or goal, or effect on the environment desired (a function), and structures are created or organized to achieve that function. See more about structure-behavior-function models of

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Cognitive Load Theory: Failure?

The title of this post is meant to be a joke (not a troll).  The inventor of cognitive load theory (Sweller) and others labeled problem-based learning and other constructivist and inquiry-based instructional techniques a ‘failure’ in an oft-discussed 2006 paper

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Free Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education books

The National Academies (of science, engineering…) have produced a number of educational books over the past decades, and it has been harder to keep track of them all, so I’m copying descriptions of some recent ones below. The nice thing

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50 Examples of the Need to Improve College Teaching

Three years ago when I started to look for a faculty position I began paying closer attention to research on college teaching. The picture is not so good. I kept a folder filled mostly with negative examples of college teaching

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Recent Books on Conceptual Change, Engineering Education, Embodied Cognition…

I was emailing our library about purchasing some recent books and thought I’d cc the list here, along with some other recent books our library does have but you may not be aware of. Education, Conceptual Change, Constructivism Creative Model

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ICLS 2008 Papers

[another old draft I never posted] Papers for the 2008 International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) in the Netherlands have been posted online, although some of the links to papers are broken. Here some ones I pulled out (links

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New Books

Some interesting education/psychology books have come out recently or are due soon: Educating Learning Technology Designers: Guiding and Inspiring Creators of Innovative Educational Tools – See also the L2TD site. Powerful Learning: What We Know About Teaching for Understanding –

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Recent News on the LS&ET Group

I’m not really keen on blogging about every link or news item I run across. I just use to share bookmarks or now this learning sciences & ed tech discussion group I announced earlier to pass on calls for

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