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Platforms for Developing Open Educational Software

Below is just a basic list of what software tools are popular now for creating various types of applications. I only post it because it changes from year to year and not everyone keeps up with this kind of stuff.

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Internet Development Course, Using Drupal

I’ll have a paper coming out this summer in MERLOT’s Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) on using Drupal as a blended learning support tool for a class. This was my foundations of educational technology course in which students

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Platforms for Digital Notetaking; The Touch Book

I’m involved with 6 NSF grant proposals this month – 3 down, 3 to go. On one of the projects we are looking at platforms to support digital notetaking with students. Students write and draw their notes which are recorded

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Setting up Apache, Secure SSL Drupal Logins, and Drupal multi-site support on Ubuntu

I updated my earlier instructions on setting up a secure Ubuntu server. I added notes about setting up fail2ban, which protects your server from repeated login attempts or brute force attacks. In the course of setting up some new sites

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Installing R and JGR in Ubuntu Intrepid

Here’s an update to my previous instructions on getting R set up and working in Ubuntu. These work for Ubuntu Intrepid, but won’t work for Ubuntu Jaunty (due out next month) until you see “jaunty” in this list. R is

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Don’t Use Mac OS X as a Server

I’m not a Mac, Windows, or Linux zealot. They each have their niceties and their quirks. But I would argue though that the Mac is not good to use as a web server: The PHP software that comes installed with

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Build a Quad-Core Server for ~$500

Gustavo Duarte posted a nice guide a while back on building a quad-core server. As I mentioned in an earlier post, you might find it preferable to use a remoted hosted server instead of building and hosting your own, by

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Java 6 update 11 and JavaFX 1.0

Java 6 update 11 (6u11) has been released. It fixes the bug I mentioned and reported earlier in which the old browser plugin (libjavaplugin) was installed in Linux instead of the new one (libnpjp2). So applets like these scenegraph demos

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New Software and Hardware Releases

Just a round-up of some major software releases happening: Java 6 update 10 – a new version of java that is more lightweight and quicker to load applets. The 6.5 version of the Java development environment Netbeans is due out

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The Rise and Fall of Visual Basic

I’ve extolled before those application development tools that hit that sweet spot of being both beginner-friendly and powerful enough to develop real applications, including Hypercard/Supercard (now out of date) and Visual Basic: Reminiscing about HyperCard Programming: The New Literacy Why

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