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Programming: The New Literacy

Marc Prensky has a interesting article recently published in Edutopia magazine entitled “Programming: The New Literacy.” I believe the single skill that will, above all others, distinguish a literate person is programming literacy, the ability to make digital technology do

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The Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) conference is next month. Here is the program. This proposal is a bit funny: It’s almost 2008; most of the software people use today is on the web. Shouldn’t we all be teaching web programming

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Google’s New Virtual Machine: Dalvik, part of the Android project

So, while you blinked, Google has released their own cross-platform virtual machine runtime called Dalvik, part of Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project [via Stefano Mazzocchi]. You can download and try it today, on your PC. It basically runs a

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Reminiscing about HyperCard

Noticed this interesting reminiscence about HyperCard in the conclusion of a paper by Chris DiGiano and others: Appleā€™s introduction of HyperCard in the 1980s ushered in a wave of inventive and useful educational applications, all created by teachers, students, and

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Recent Software News & Releases

There have been many software updates and news announced recently. Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), a Linux distro, is due for final release in a couple of weeks. There is a beta available now. I upgraded to it about a week ago

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Turtle on Trial: The Battle over Logo

After reading a piece by Gary Stager criticizing hype over web 2.0 in education and contrasting it to the Logo movement (which was guided more by a centralized educational philosophy than web 2.0), I got around to digging up and

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Charging for Windows-only Kid’s Programming Languages

This is a bit disappointing but forseeable. There was a language developed last year for kids to use called Kid’s Programming Language (KPL, later renamed Phrogram). It looked exactly like Visual Basic .NET minus a lot of features. They received

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New Software and Technologies

For developers/designers, some recent interesting software and technology releases: Version 3 of the GPL license was released/announced yesterday. Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) has been released. See what’s new and noteworthy about this release. Eclipse is one of, if not the most

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New Books

Like a link dump, but books. These are just some recent or soon to be released books that look interesting: Psychology/Education/Theory Books I discussed Acting with Technology (2006) by Victor Kaptelinin & Bonnie Nardi in an earlier post, along with

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Quick Look at Some Rich Client Platforms (RCP)

I’ve been looking into various rich-client desktop and web-based application platforms/frameworks on which to base future projects. Many of the RCPs (rich-client platforms) have advantages such as support for auto-updating, plugin frameworks, and numerous existing plugins and samples. Here are

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