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New Software and Hardware Releases

Just a round-up of some major software releases happening: Java 6 update 10 – a new version of java that is more lightweight and quicker to load applets. The 6.5 version of the Java development environment Netbeans is due out

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The Rise and Fall of Visual Basic

I’ve extolled before those application development tools that hit that sweet spot of being both beginner-friendly and powerful enough to develop real applications, including Hypercard/Supercard (now out of date) and Visual Basic: Reminiscing about HyperCard Programming: The New Literacy Why

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Randy Pausch

Via an announcement at the SIGSCE blog comes news that Randy Pausch, who you may know from his famous ‘last lecture‘ last year, has passed away. He created the Alice 3D programming environment for beginners, and there is a Randy

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Programming: The New Literacy

Marc Prensky has a interesting article recently published in Edutopia magazine entitled “Programming: The New Literacy.” I believe the single skill that will, above all others, distinguish a literate person is programming literacy, the ability to make digital technology do

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The Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) conference is next month. Here is the program. This proposal is a bit funny: It’s almost 2008; most of the software people use today is on the web. Shouldn’t we all be teaching web programming

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Google’s New Virtual Machine: Dalvik, part of the Android project

So, while you blinked, Google has released their own cross-platform virtual machine runtime called Dalvik, part of Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project [via Stefano Mazzocchi]. You can download and try it today, on your PC. It basically runs a

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Reminiscing about HyperCard

Noticed this interesting reminiscence about HyperCard in the conclusion of a paper by Chris DiGiano and others: Appleā€™s introduction of HyperCard in the 1980s ushered in a wave of inventive and useful educational applications, all created by teachers, students, and

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