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Some Android Applications

Just a run down on some android apps in case I lose my phone and have to re-install.  These are all free.  I can’t find many educational apps unfortunately: News NYTimes – more up to date USA Today – more

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Getting Off the Ground with Drupal: Part 1

Here are just some notes and tips for folks looking to try out Drupal and get past the first steps of installing and configuring the software. What is Drupal? Drupal is a free, open source php-based content management system. See

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Learning Sciences – Open Education Scorecard

Building off an earlier post about the upcoming Open Learning Interplay Symposium between folks in the learning sciences and open education communities, here is a table that lists a lot of educational software and curriculum that has been created by

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Reminiscing about HyperCard

Noticed this interesting reminiscence about HyperCard in the conclusion of a paper by Chris DiGiano and others: Apple’s introduction of HyperCard in the 1980s ushered in a wave of inventive and useful educational applications, all created by teachers, students, and

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When Free Isn’t Good Enough: The Best Open Source Antivirus Protection

The best free antivirus program for Windows WAS Active Virus Shield by AOL. It was better at protecting against viruses than even popular commercial antivirus options such as McAfee Virusscan and Norton Antivirus. That’s because it used the same underlying

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See Google Search Results in a Timeline (or Map) Format

Google can now show search results in a timeline or on a map. Add “view:timeline” or “view:map” to your search query, respectively. For example, here is a timeline on civil rights or a map of places related to Theodore Roosevelt.

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The Best Free Antivirus Is Still…

I reviewed the best free antivirus / antispyware tools last fall. The report on which I was basing some conclusions has been updated. Again, AOL Active Virus Shield is the best at stopping viruses among the free options, ahead of

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Recent Sightings

Here are some of the articles and websites I posted this past month to EdWeek has a great site with background essays on many of the most important issues we have faced and are facing in education today. See

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Problems with Committing to Use Non-Open Educational Software

See, we really need to support open source in education (and by we, I mean the government, funding organizations, individuals). This was posted on the phys-l list with respect to the Interactive Physics (IP) simulation software, for example: BTW, I

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Generator Blog

The Generator Blog links to all the text and image generator tools out there. They generate a customized message, for example, or a random quote. These are not that educational, but they can be fun for kids, and are simple

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