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Need Much Much More “D” in Education R & D

I already blogged about this matter 3 years ago in a post entitled “The State of Educational Research & Development.” But a few recent things made me think of it again: @newsweek tweeted for us to tell them our thoughts

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Embodied Cognition & Education Talks at AERA

I’ll be giving just one talk at AERA this year, and hosting a symposium session. Both are related to the applications of embodied cognition research and enactivism to education. Embodied and Enactive Approaches to Instruction: Implications and Innovations. SIG-Learning Sciences.

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Misconceptions about Design

Design is the process of going from function to structure.  There is some purpose, or goal, or effect on the environment desired (a function), and structures are created or organized to achieve that function. See more about structure-behavior-function models of

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Not all people are fans of roundup posts, as Dan Spiewak mentioned before his useful roundup on learning the scala language, but here’s a summary of some resources for educational researchers and developers posted here and on the Ed Tech

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Getting the new Java 6 update 10 plugin to work with Firefox in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Intrepid, released today, includes the newest version of java, Java 6 update 10 build 33, which features a new java browser plugin with support for features like draggable applets and jnlp-based applets. See these demo applets, for example. For

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Recent Sightings

Here are 2 flash-based video/chat collaboration tools that are free or in testing. These let you hold meetings with others online, with real-time video and voice chat. One by AOL is called Userplane. Another is FlashMeeting, which was used recently

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More Recent Sitings

These are links I’ve posted recently to my site. They are also visible on the right side of this blog. Timeline Widget – this is a javascript/dhtml-based widget that allows you to embed an interactive timeline in your own

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Recent Links

These are some interesting reads I have come across recently: Toe the Line or Ride the Line? – about the recent internet phenomenon of the Line Rider game and what implications it might have for us as educators (also as

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Lost Some Respect for Wikipedia

Nothing to kill your enthusiasm for Wikipedia like trying to contribute to it. After reading its myriad of disorganized reasons for its editing and deletion policies, it looks like the Wikipedia community is becoming exactly like the original wiki,

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Major Changes Needed To Boost K-8 Science Achievement

This is the title of a press release put out by the National Research Council (specifically the Board on Science Education). Our coverage of science topics is too broad and superficial. Standardized testing has students memorizing disconnected facts about science.

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