Some Android Applications

Just a run down on some android apps in case I lose my phone and have to re-install.  These are all free.  I can’t find many educational apps unfortunately:


  • NYTimes – more up to date
  • USA Today – more graphical
  • 1Cast News – video news stories
  • Sports Tap

Social Networking Tools

  • Twidroid – there are too many twitter apps out there
  • Facebook – comes with Android 2.0 on the droid
  • WpToGo – wordpress client
  • NewsRob – google reader client


  • Barcode Scanner – to read QR codes
  • DockRunner – for the droid if you don’t have a multimedia dock – activates the multimedia interface
  • Advanced Task Killer – android apps don’t have a quit/exit button
  • Astro – file manager – read your SD card, etc. – very nice
  • Digital Clock – smaller clock widget
  • Gmote – run the gmote server app on your computer and you can remotely control it
  • Locale – change android settings based on location or other triggers
  • The Weather Channel – there are some other weather apps & widgets too
  • Teradesk – store files on the cloud – DropBox app in the works too


  • AK Notepad – there are numerous sticky note / notepad apps
  • Astrid – there are also numerous todo list apps
  • Documents To Go – read word, ppt etc.
  • Evernote has a web-accessible site, too, with a forthcoming android client app
  • Voice Recorder – app & widget for quick voice notes

Google Apps

  • Voice – essential – use for voicemail, forwarding calls, etc.
  • Listen – podcasts
  • GDocs
  • Maps – navigation in android 2.0
  • Market – of course to find other software
  • Talk – built-in for instant messaging


  • Aldiko – incredibly nice e-book reader application
  • Google Sky Map – incredible app, point it at sky and it shows the stars & planets


  • Labyrinth Lite – tilt game to get ball through maze
  • AirAttack – click on planes and helicopters flying overhead to shoot at them
  • Air Hockey Demo
  • Craigs Race – tilt to race a little car on a track
  • Speed Forge 3D – very nice 3D tilt racing game, see this video
  • PapiJump – tilt game to bounce a ball upwards
  • Robo Defense
  • Bubbles – blow on microphone to create bubbles

Music / Video / Photos

  • Music – built-in app, plays videos too
  • Youtube – built-in app, plays youtube videos embedded on webpages too.
  • Qik, Ustream – broadcast live video, and record it
  • – app for watching CBS and related videos.  NBC has a mobile-accessible website:
  • Pandora – listen to music online
  • Photoshop has an android app now, see also PicSay and others
  • Picasa photo album support is built-in to android now


  • ConnectBot – ssh


  • Amazon, Amazon MP3
  • Bubble – bubble level app
  • Compass
  • ShopSavvy

I’m also keeping an eye out for note taking / handwriting recognition apps for a research project:

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