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200+ Educational Google+ Communities

In January I compiled a list of education related Google+ communities in this Google document.  I then added another 30 communities in May, bringing the list to over 80 Google+ communities now, which is copied below and ordered by their

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Would Dewey, Piaget, Montessori, Friere get published today?

Imagine if Jean Piaget, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, or Paulo Friere were tenure track education or psychology professors today. They would probably not get their work published in education and psychology research journals, despite being some of the most highly

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Google as Your Blog Audience

Unless (or even if) you are an A-list blogger or are conversing with others directly through your blog, your primary audience when you are blogging or posting in public forums, other than yourself, is Google — the people using Google

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The N Word of the Internet: Troll

A good start in cleaning the place up would be to see the permanent banning not of an editor but that ugly word “troll”. This word is increasingly used to suppress any voice of dissent no matter how reasonable. Many

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