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The research blogging awards were just announced, listing the top blogs and twitterers who share info about the latest research.  There isn’t even a category for educational research, however.

I was going to list my own top ‘educational research’ bloggers, but I couldn’t really say anymore about blogs that just talk about or review educational research.  The ‘edublogosphere’ is too big, and the space of educational research is too big to cover in one blog.  I also don’t even bother summarizing most new research because there are already RSS feeds for people to follow the journals directly (see below).

I just occasionally blog about educational research or theories that A) I find interesting/important such as research on improving college teaching, philosophy of technology/media theory, and issues about educational research funding; and also B) research which is controversial or for which there are misconceptions, such as the digital natives/immigrants distinction, cognitive load theory, and problem-based learning/constructivism, and of course C) my own research and development and teaching, such as concept inventories and embodied cognition.

There are some educational research groups on citeulike, such as PERTicles for physics education research.

On twitter, here’s my list of edtech-related faculty (who are usually by definition doing educational research): It’s a firehose though since some people are tweeting constantly about everything.

And of course that doesn’t count all the grad students and other academic researchers and other people interested in educational R&D that are on twitter as well.

You can follow when educational and psychological research journal articles are published by following this twitter account: or these journal RSS feeds:

Or this one combined RSS feed based on my shared google reader “journals folder“.

See also for math education research, created by Reidar Mosvold.

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