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Android Tips, Open Source, Educational Apps

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the CES show next week promises to reveal a slew of new android tablets and phones, so we’ll see what is announced (and what is actually released). Here are some android tips &

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The Digital Natives / Digital Immigrants Distinction Is Dead, Or At Least Dying

I guess I never blogged this before, but I keep seeing references to the 10 year old distinction between digital natives vs. digital immigrants as it relates to educational technology.  This is the idea that “kids today” are born in

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Recent Sightings

Some recent educational books – posted to the Learning Sciences & Educational Technology group GameMaker 8 and Wonderland 0.5 have released preview versions Learn 4 Life wrote a great summary of educators using the OpenSim virtual world and ReactionGrid (opensim

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Open High School of Utah

Congratulations to David Wiley and my other colleagues here at Utah State University on getting approval to start a new virtual high school, the Open High School of Utah, which will solely employ openly licensed educational resources. See the announcement

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Recent Sightings

These are from my bookmarks on Software / Technology Quick-R is a help site for those using the R statistics tool instead of SPSS/SAS. Hippocampus is a homework and study help site with multimedia resources and course materials. Road

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Another Possible EeePC & XO Laptop Competitor: Noahpad

The small Eee PC Laptop has taken off over the past 6 months, selling hundreds of thousands. There is an EeeUser site for tracking the latest developments along with a custom EeeXubuntu Linux distribution you can install instead of the

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Low-Cost Technology Ideas for Young Kids

There are some amazing electronic toys and computers for toddlers and preschoolers now, from Leapfrog, V.Tech and the like. And the kids are loving every bit of it (see “For Toddlers, Toy of Choice Is Tech Device“). These toys tend

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